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EVANS Powercool Coolant 5L

88,10 € tax incl.

EVANS Powercool Coolant 5L Canister

Suitable for high performance vehicles for sports driving and competition.

For 4x4 in hot temperature conditions, long term in low gear and trials driving

The standard coolants have a boiling point similar to water, around 100ºC. When used with additives and in pressurized circuits boiling point can reach 125ºC. The service temperature of an engine is close to 100ºC . Above this point, water becomes steam and looses almost all his properties to transfer heat, the engine heats up. The result is the engine failure.

EVANS Coolants have a boiling point of 180 ºC at atmospheric pressure, and even a higher temperature in a pressurized cooling circuit. In case of engine overload, the coolant keeps its heat transmission properties even when reaching the red zone. The head gasket will not burn.The waterless composition of the EVANS Coolants avoid the common oxidation and corrosion of the standard cooling circuit. 

EVANS Coolants last the entire life of the engine and never requires to be changed