KIT RAM B Double suction-cup with standard arm

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Double suction-cup Kit with standard arm

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The RAM-B-333-2241 is composed by two 83mm suction-cup fixation of diametre with a open-close mechanism, a connection arm, two diamond-shaped fixations and a multiple support adapter. The diamond-shaped fixation has a screwing pattern AMPS wich allows to connect a big ammount of RAM mounts, included the bigger part of those for GPS ( RAM HOL series) and other brand mounts.
The suction cup is strongly mounted on the windshield, on flat and no-porous surfaces, and also on sticky RAM bases, thanks to the vacuum lever.

Each ball is covered by rubber to absorb shocks and vibrations, making devices more durable.
This kit is designed with a patended ball joint system with adjustable points on both sides of the arm, wich allows to adjust and set a huge vision angle.

Material: Marine aluminium, High Strength Composite plastic and EPDM Rubber.

The Kit is composed by:

RAM-B-201. Standard connection arm 93 mm.
RAM-B-238 (x2). diamond-shaped fixation mount.
RAM-B-224-1 (x2). suction-cup mount 83 mm.
RAM-B-333: multiple support adapter.

Fixation: Windshields and flat no-porous surfaces.
Arm lenght: standard 93mm
B series : 25,4mm ball (1")

Pack content

Anchoring or connecting element, screwed onto flat surface, connection with Series B arms

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