Come and hunt WP with your 4x4 in the Monegros Desert from the 11th to the 13th of November

The Défi GPS is a contest where each competitor has to find the maximum of WP in during a limited time.

Every WP is affected by a number of credits, depending on the difficulty to be reached.

The contenders will receive the WP list every morning after the briefing and will establish their strategy to reach the maximum of credits.

The speed is limited on gravel roads according to the Spanish regulations and the speed violation is penalized, thus subtracts from the credits obtained.

The navigation devices are free and each contender has to show at least one GPS receiver to perform the event. This GPS must be able to register the track and be downloadable to check in case of conflict.

The organization will place a Tracker on each vehicle in order to register the track made by the competitor.

The tracker is the tool used by the organization to check the path of each contender, the accomplishment of the WP and the eventual speed violations.


Fares for each vehicle including 2 people: 450€


Scope of services included:

Inscription to Défi GPS contest

2 nights in hotel with dinner and breakfast

pick nick for Saturday 's lunch

Sunday's lunch and Awards Ceremony